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Planning a trip is always exciting, but it can generate a sense of stress when leaving your home for a long period

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House and pet sitting is a perfect match for digital nomads working remotely Over the last 4 years, I've been working remotely while

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How to get the full Texas experience while house sitting in the Lone Star State Texas is the second largest state in the

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If you’ve been house sitting for a while, there’s a good chance that one of the pets you’ve looked after has passed

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Discover the history, temperament and characteristics of this tough Aussie breed  With our Aussie connections, we were drawn to our Christmas sit,

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House sitting the KIWI way If there's one country that should be praised for it's handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, then it's got

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Great information for beginners & travelers

I'm new to the idea of house sitting plus travel. I've found lots of useful information in House Sitting Magazine that I can apply to traveling in general, plus I'm learning about house sitting as a way to travel.


Informative, interesting and colourful

We have confirmed our first house sitting opportunity this summer in the UK and this magazine is offering us so many insights and hints. I like the variety of articles from so many people who give their own perspective and experience. 


Real people with real advice

I am in the beginning stages of researching house sitting, so any information for me is great. This magazine did NOT waste my time, as others have! I am delighted to have found it.
Thank you and I will continue to follow you.

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