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Are you professional house sitters?

professional house sitters

How do we, as a group, refer to house sitting in general? Is it an industry? A community? A business? A lifestyle? An occupation? Or a profession? All of these terms come with particular definitions, and a Google search can quickly take you down a rabbit hole of hair-splitting specifics. Let’s just take a look […]

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House sitting off the grid – all you need to know

House Sitting Off the Grid

Top tips for house sitting off gridGlobal warming and the state of our environment are current “hot” topics (pun intended), so it’s not surprising that more of us are becoming conscious of our impact on our habitat. This is one of the reasons that some people decide to go “off-grid”. By producing energy from natural […]

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Rome2rio – Flexible Travel Planning

Rome2rio route planning app

When you’re in an unfamiliar country, and quite possibly using a different language, how can you easily plan your route between house sits or travel adventures? For the past few years we’ve been experimenting with a journey planner app that is growing in popularity. Introducing Rome2rio From the home screen of the Rome2rio route planning […]

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Introducing the German Shepherd

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd (German: Deutscher Schäferhund) is a breed of medium to large-sized working dog that originated in Germany around 1899. It is also known as the “Alsatian” in the UK and abbreviated to “GSD”. German Shepherd’s are part of the herding group or “pastoral breed” of dogs and were originally developed for herding sheep. Usually […]

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Secure Web Hosting With SiteGround

secure web hosting

Are you worried about whether you have secure web hosting? Do you often see the “This site is insecure” notice on many websites, particularly when you have to login with a username and password, and wonder what this means? If you are anything like me, you just ignore this and carry on, hoping for the […]

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Salt Water Swimming Pool Maintenance

Salt Water Swimming Pools

Are you looking after a salt water swimming pool at your house sit? A swimming pool of any kind is a common reason for a home owner to look for a house sitter. Swimming pools need regular care and maintenance, without which a home owner would probably return to a pool of green slime. Caring […]

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House Sitting Skills – Looking After Swimming Pools

House Sitting Skills Looking After Swimming Pools

Do you ever dream about house sitting a beautiful property with a swimming pool? Or, does the thought of looking after swimming pools fill you with dread because you don’t have the skills? Imagine plunging into crystal-clear cool water on a hot sunny morning, or incorporating swimming into your daily fitness routine. What a wonderful […]

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How to Avoid The Viazul Bus Tourist Trail in Cuba

how to avoid the viazul bus in Cuba

Are you free spirits – travellers who prefer to venture off the standard tourist trail? We most definitely are, but we found this particularly difficult to do in Cuba where Viazul bus routes reign supreme. There’s so much to see, but few advertised opportunities for alternative travel to some less visited destinations. Cuba has some […]

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