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Healthy homemade treats for your dog

Healthy homemade treats for dogs

With some good quality ingredients, you can quite easily make healthy treats for your dogs at home to give them a special treat. Just remember though, if you are house sitting, to run this by your homeowners first. Check there aren’t any products your pets are allergic to, and make sure you aren’t upsetting a […]

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What to do if a pet goes missing while house sitting

What to do if a pet goes missing

It’s a pet sitter’s worst nightmare – losing a pet. What starts as a completely normal day can quickly turn into a flurry of panic and trying out every possible strategy to find the missing pet. The truth is, not every case of a missing pet is that bad: some of them (especially cats) tend to […]

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Why to look for local house sitting jobs

why to look for local house sits

Reasons why new sitters should consider local house sitsYou’ll get a good feel for what house sitting is likeShort sits tend to get fewer applications than longer onesThe home owner can be confident you’ll arrive without travel delaysThe environment, style of homes, outdoor spaces, safety – all will be familiar to youYou’ll be able to […]

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My house sitting milestone moments

House sitting milestone moments

A 50th Housesit MilestoneI recently celebrated my 50th house sit! What a lovely milestone to achieve. And it is interesting that 13 of these sits occurred within the last 18 months during the pandemic. When all my 2020 sits fell through I asked myself, “Where do I want to get stuck for the next however many […]

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House Sitting Tribes – Which do you belong to?

House Sitting Tribe

Remember when you were first trying to get started as a house sitter? What stage of life were you at? Was there a reason why this idea became suddenly viable and fantastic all at the same time? Think carefully, it might have an influence on which house sitting tribe you belong to. My name is Lamia Walker […]

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Are you professional house sitters?

professional house sitters

How do we define professional house sitting? How do we, as a group, refer to house sitting in general? Is it an industry, a community, a business, a lifestyle, an occupation, or… is it a profession? All of these terms come with particular definitions, and a Google search can quickly take you down a rabbit hole of […]

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House Sitting Off Grid – All You Need to Know

House Sitting Off the Grid

Top Tips for looking after an off-grid homeNew to off-grid house sitting? Learn the essentials and discover if this unique lifestyle suits you with our comprehensive guide. Explore the basics and gain confidence to embark on your off-the-grid house sitting adventure! Global warming and the state of our environment are current “hot” topics (pun intended), so […]

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Rome2rio flexible route planning

Rome2rio route planning app

Get from A to B anywhere in the world When you’re traveling overseas in an unfamiliar country, and quite possibly using a different language, how can you make it easier to plan your route between house sits or travel adventures? Over the past five years we’ve been helped by one of the best trip planner’s we’ve come […]

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Getting around Australia while house sitting

Getting around australia on house sits

Until you spend time driving from A to B, it’s hard to understand just how big the “Land Down Under” really is, let alone appreciate the difficulties you might face getting around while house sitting in Australia. My first trip to the land that was to eventually become my home was over the northern winter of […]

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How Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Are Good For Your Health

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

Taking care of dogs comes with many responsibilities, including feeding, grooming and medical care. But one responsibility that doesn’t cost any money, just a little time and effort each day, is that of exercising the family pet.It might come as a surprise then that recent studies show how regular exercise for dogs is greatly lacking. […]

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