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House Sitting Tribes – Which do you belong to?

House Sitting Tribe

Remember when you were first trying to get started as a house sitter? What stage of life were you at? Was there a reason why this idea became suddenly viable and fantastic all at the same time? Think carefully, it might have an influence on which house sitting tribe you belong to. My name is Lamia Walker […]

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How Building Trust Makes for Reliable Pet Sitting

reliable pet sitting

What do we mean by the word “trust”? And why does it matter so much online and especially in house sitting? As a the owner of the house sitting platform,, I feel bound to facilitate the growth of trust bonds between matched pairs online. Once those initial links are formed, it’s up to both […]

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The “Grey” Gap Year Finally Comes Of Age

Grey Gap Year for Over 50s

House Sitting Offers Enhanced Travel For The Over 50’s Back in 2009 a novel was published called “Gap Year for Adults”. It’s the story of a woman in her 50s who takes time out of her life to move to Provence, in France, for adventure. She left her husband and grown up children to travel. […]

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