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The future of house sitting and travel

the future of house sitting

If you’re anything like us, you’ll have considered a number of reasons why your travel lifestyle might end quite abruptly, but I bet a world-wide pandamic wouldn’t have been the first to consider!  In just a blink of the eye, international travel changed, the world slowly closed down and globalization took a step backwards.  Travellers have had […]

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House sitters living through lockdown

house sitters living through lockdown

The month of April 2020 has been an unusual month as we’ve watched (and at times helped with), the unfolding crisis that beset our house sitting community across the globe. House sitting jobs and travel arrangements have been cancelled, all over the world.For now very few people are house sitting. Only a few stragglers are […]

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How to keep pets entertained during lockdown

how to keep pets entertained

With the spread of the current virus, many pet parents around the globe have found themselves overwhelmed by the lockdown restrictions. Although the rules of isolation vary from government to government, and country to country, many pet owners have been allowed only one walk with their pets during the day, which calls for some improvised home-based […]

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Surviving relationship meltdown during the pandemic

Surviving relationship meltdown in lockdown

Help for those together 24/7 Many of you will fall asleep vowing that the very first thing you’ll do as soon as lockdown is over is file for divorce. This was possibly the only line in the compelling article, written by Francesca Melandri on her experience during this COVID-19 outbreak in Italy, that made me smile. Not because […]

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Today I saw butterflies…

House Sitting Coming to terms with change

Our daily exercise routine under the first UK lock-down, involved a short four minute walk from our temporary home to the cliff tops overlooking the south Cornwall coast, with long walks along the coastal path. It was a very different outlook just a week ago.Before lock-downNot long before lock-down in the UK, we finished the […]

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Pre-Lockdown: How house sitters can prepare for coronavirus

Staying prepared for coronavirus as a house sitter

This article was written before Covid19 resulted in a pandemic and prior to much of the world closing under lockdown rules.The effects of COVID-19 on the house sitting communityLet me start by saying that the house sitting community is a pretty adaptable, flexible and grounded group of travelers. We regularly put ourselves on the front-line, […]

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Tips for looking after gardens on house sits

looking after gardens on house sits

Not everyone has a green thumb. Some of us are more indoor than outdoor folks. But if you’re interested in becoming a house sitter you need to know, before you start perusing house sitting sites, that upkeep of the garden is sometimes as important as upkeep of the main house for home owners at different […]

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The challenges of downsizing to travel

downsizing to travel

The point of no returnIt had been one hell of a dark, wet and dreary day back in the winter of 2012. We’d both had to contend with long traffic queues on several of northwest England’s motorways during our daily commute to and from work. And we were truly glad to get home. Once the door […]

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A guide to feeding dogs with sensitive stomachs

Feeding pets with sensitive stomachs

There aren’t many things worse than seeing animals in distress, knowing that they can’t tell you what’s wrong. It’s especially stressful when it’s a dog that you’ve been tasked to take care of while their owner is away. In that scenario, it can be difficult to figure out what the issue is because you’re not […]

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