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House Sitting – Looking After Sheep

House Sitting Sheep

<Intro by Vanessa> Have you ever look longingly at small holding or hobby farm sits and wondered if you have the skills required, perhaps to look after a small flock of sheep? We enjoyed a hobby farm house sit on the South Downs, in the UK, where as well as the home, Hamish the border […]

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House Sitting With Llamas & Alpacas

House Sitting Llamas

Hobby farming is on the increaseHave you come across the growing number of house sits with the pets listed as llamas or alpacas? As hobby farming increases, so do the house sitting jobs requiring someone to care for different types of hobby farm “pets”. Think about it, you can’t really take a couple of alpacas down […]

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Dog Sitting In Tropical Climates

Dog Sitting in Tropical Climates

What to expect when house sitting with “Jungle Dogs” It’s common for expats living in the tropics to own one or more “jungle” dogs. Dogs here are usually unwanted puppies, or older dogs that have been abandoned or abused, or left with injuries that the locals simply can’t afford to have treated. Our experience with a […]

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How to Quickly Get Rid of Jet Lag

How to get rid of jet lag

Changing time zones can wreak havoc on your sleep cycle. The body runs on regular circadian rhythms to help you start to feel tired and wake up at the right time.  An hour or two difference in time zones can make a bigger difference than you think. Full time international house sitters suffer from jet lag […]

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