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Teaching English Online with VIPKID

Teaching English online VIPKID

Teaching English online with VIPKID – Chinese online learning for kids With the help of fellow house sitter Donna Carvell, we look at teaching English online with a popular Chinese teaching platform called VIPKID.  As well as working for VIPKID, Donna is also the founder and moderator of the Facebook group “House Sitting Café”. Together […]

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Discover the magic of Mexico City

Mexico City for House Sitters

Mexico City had not been high on my bucket list, but necessity meant we had to pass through when traveling from the Yucatan to start a long term house sit in the popular “pueblo magico”, San Miguel de Allende. What a surprise – it really was love at first sight! Often confusingly referred to simply […]

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House Sitting Guide For Home & Pet Owners

guide to house sitting guide for home owners

How to find the best house sitters for your home and pets The flights are booked and you’re looking forward to your holiday with great anticipation. But wait a minute! What about those you will be leaving behind? You love your pets and don’t want them to suffer miserably in a kennel while you enjoy […]

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House sitting for snowbirds in winter

snowbird housesitters

Have you ever yearned for the snow, and perhaps considered being snowbird housesitters? Whilst many of us are looking for warm weather house sitting opportunities, there are some that want to experience the magic of snow and ice. Aussies spring to mind in this case! Winter in Europe is expensive as the ski season gets underway, and […]

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Travel Coloring Books For Adults!

Travel coloring books for adults

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been seeing more and more adult coloring books in airport shops as we travel the world between house sits. It’s a craze that seems to have taken the world by storm! But as of yet, I haven’t seen any travel coloring books! According to Jorge Ribas of The […]

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