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Find The Right House Sitter – A Homeowner’s Guide

Find the right house sitter

This month’s book choice, Find The Right House Sitter, is reviewed by Yvonne Bauche, co-author of Pet Care & First Aid – The common sense guide for pet sitters and owners FIND THE RIGHT HOUSE SITTER – A Homeowner’s Guide Authored by Louise Read There’s a plethora of material available for house sitters looking for […]

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Why Creating An Impressive Housesitting Profile Will Give You The Edge!

Creating An Impressive Housesitting Profile

Creating an impressive housesitting profile is key to house sitting success. Even for seasoned sitters, regularly reviewing, updating, and improving your profile is important. Don’t let it become outdated. Keep it relevant and vibrant, with engaging information and captivating images.Why are profiles so important?Unless you’re meeting with the homeowners in person, your application letter and profile […]

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Letter to Santa

Dear Santa, My name is Ian and this year I think I have been a very good boy. You may have some trouble finding me as I am a house sitter, and I live in different houses at different times. I will be in Mexico this Christmas. I am a bit worried, because we don’t […]

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Travel Coloring Books For Adults!

Travel coloring books for adults

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been seeing more and more adult coloring books in airport shops as we travel the world between house sits. It’s a craze that seems to have taken the world by storm! But as of yet, I haven’t seen any travel coloring books! According to Jorge Ribas of The […]

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Exotic House sitting in Fiji

House-sitting Fiji

Where was your most exotic house sit? Ours was housesitting Fiji where we spent five weeks pet sitting and managing a luxury beach resort. We also had to implement a disaster management program which the islands were hit by a category five cyclone – but that’s another story! Fiji is just one example of any […]

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Contribute to House Sitting Magazine

If you have a great house sitting story to tell, a travel destination, or anything relevant to the categories below, then we’d love to hear from you. There’s no payment, but we will provide a link to your website or blog if your article is selected and we will share all original content in our magazine, […]

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