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Dog Walking in Colorado Springs, USA

Dog walking in Colorado Springs

People in Colorado Springs love their pets. Dogs aren’t the only animals found outdoors, so don’t be surprised to see goats or llamas being walked while hiking. Yet for the most part, you’ll see people with dogs out hiking one of myriad trails found in and around Colorado Springs. In many cases, pet sitting involves […]

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House Sitting in Wellington, New Zealand

house sitting in wellington new zealand

Photographer and house sitter Andrea Jordan writes about her time house sitting in Wellington New Zealand I first started house sitting for friends. Then I discovered that there was such a thing as a “house sitting website”, where those with homes were able to connect with those who wanted a home and/or pets to care […]

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Discover the magic of Mexico City

Mexico City for House Sitters

Mexico City had not been high on my bucket list, but necessity meant we had to pass through when traveling from the Yucatan to start a long term house sit in the popular “pueblo magico”, San Miguel de Allende. What a surprise – it really was love at first sight! Often confusingly referred to simply […]

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How to Avoid The Viazul Bus Tourist Trail in Cuba

how to avoid the viazul bus in Cuba

Are you free spirits – travellers who prefer to venture off the standard tourist trail? We most definitely are, but we found this particularly difficult to do in Cuba where Viazul bus routes reign supreme. There’s so much to see, but few advertised opportunities for alternative travel to some less visited destinations. Cuba has some […]

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how to use the local Cuban currency

If you’re traveling to Cuba, you may have wondered how you can make your money go further by fully understanding the Cuban currency system? By the time we arrived in Havana at the start of our month-long journey around this unique Caribbean island nation, we had done plenty of research. One of the most intriguing […]

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Why Che Guevara Would Be Ashamed of Cuba 2017

Che Guevara mural

In the final days of December 1958 Che Guevara led his column of armed revolutionary fighters into the central Cuban town of Santa Clara, which would become the site of some of the most decisive battles of the Cuban Revolution. Following the de-railing and capture of an armored military train, the government forces quickly capitulated, […]

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