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TrustedHousesitters review and how to use the website

stop a dog pulling on the lead

TrustedHousesitters Review (Desktop Version)This is the second in a series of in-depth house sitting website reviews that cover the user experience, and highlight the pros, cons and usability of each site. We also explain how to join TrustedHousesitters and benefit from our year round, special TrustedHousesitters 25% discount​ TrustedHousesitters (THS) is an international house sitting website servicing […]

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House Sitting Tribes – Which do you belong to?

House Sitting Tribe

Do you remember when you were first trying to get started as a house sitter? What stage of life​ were you at? Was there a reason why this idea became suddenly viable and fantastic all at the same time? Think carefully, it might have an influence on which house sitting tribe you belong to. My […]

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Handling family events and emergencies

how to keep in touch with family when traveling

As full-time international house sitters, meeting other house sitters while travelling the world is a definite highlight of our nomad lifestyle. During these meetings, one topic of conversation that frequently comes up is how we all deal with family back home. The scenario almost always seems to involve ageing parents requiring increasing care. It’s probably […]

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Over 55? Traveling Solo? Love Animals?

house sitting singles travel over 50

When I headed off around the world as a solo female traveler almost 25 years ago, it was considered a brave (some would say foolhardy) thing to do. But, I was at that point in my life where I needed the challenge of discovery, both of the world and myself. And it was amazing – […]

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Are you professional house sitters?

professional house sitters

How do we, as a group, refer to house sitting in general? Is it an industry? A community? A business? A lifestyle? An occupation? Or a profession? All of these terms come with particular definitions, and a Google search can quickly take you down a rabbit hole of hair-splitting specifics. Let’s just take a look […]

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Mix It Up: Van Life and House Sits

van life and house sits

Creating your perfect travel lifestyle can take on so many different guises these days, but you really don’t have to limit yourself to one option. We look at how you can mix it up a little with van life and house sits – alternating between road-tripping and the stability of a house sitting home for […]

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