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We are asked over and over if families can travel and house sit. And yes, it really is possible!

Family house sitting is a world travel option that can save you a LOT of money on accommodation, so for many travel families this is a no-brainer.

The accommodation saving alone can result in extended travels, world-schooling your kids while providing a rich, diverse education. What a way to live!

But for other families it just wouldn’t or doesn’t work for a variety of reasons.

Is family house sitting something you should consider?

We’ve asked a number of house sitting travel families to give their different perspectives, so read on to find out if this lifestyle is for you!

Travel Families Who House Sit Round the World

travel with kids house sitting

This is a collaborative post with contributions from five different families who travel with kids, house sitting and/or world-schooling as they go: Family No 1 – William Swenson, Let’s Adventure Some More Family No 2 – Bryony, Coasting Australia Family No 3 – Alyson Long, World Travel Family (talks about the negatives of family house […]

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