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House sitters living through lockdown

house sitters living through lockdown

The month of April 2020 has been an unusual month as we’ve watched (and at times helped with), the unfolding crisis that beset our house sitting community across the globe. House sitting jobs and travel arrangements have been cancelled, all over the world.For now very few people are house sitting. Only a few stragglers are […]

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Pre-Lockdown: How house sitters can prepare for coronavirus

Staying prepared for coronavirus as a house sitter

This article was written before Covid19 resulted in a pandemic and prior to much of the world closing under lockdown rules.The effects of COVID-19 on the house sitting communityLet me start by saying that the house sitting community is a pretty adaptable, flexible and grounded group of travelers. We regularly put ourselves on the front-line, […]

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Tips for looking after gardens on house sits

looking after gardens on house sits

Not everyone has a green thumb. Some of us are more indoor than outdoor folks. But if you’re interested in becoming a house sitter you need to know, before you start perusing house sitting sites, that upkeep of the garden is sometimes as important as upkeep of the main house for home owners at different […]

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House Sitting Tribes – Which do you belong to?

House Sitting Tribe

Remember when you were first trying to get started as a house sitter? What stage of life were you at? Was there a reason why this idea became suddenly viable and fantastic all at the same time? Think carefully, it might have an influence on which house sitting tribe you belong to. My name is Lamia Walker […]

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Handling family events and emergencies

how to keep in touch with family when traveling

As full-time international house sitters, meeting other house sitters while travelling the world is a definite highlight of our nomad lifestyle. During these meetings, one topic of conversation that frequently comes up is how we all deal with family back home. The scenario almost always seems to involve ageing parents requiring increasing care. It’s probably […]

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Are you professional house sitters?

professional house sitters

How do we define professional house sitting? How do we, as a group, refer to house sitting in general? Is it an industry, a community, a business, a lifestyle, an occupation, or… is it a profession? All of these terms come with particular definitions, and a Google search can quickly take you down a rabbit hole of […]

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Mix It Up: Van Life and House Sits

van life and house sits

Creating your perfect travel lifestyle can take on so many different guises these days, but you really don’t have to limit yourself to one option.  We look at how you can mix it up by combining van life with house sitting. Living in a van can provide limitless opportunities for travel and adventure, but for […]

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House Sitting with an AGA

This is what an AGA looks like

My AGA Saga!For me an AGA is up there with other British greats like thatched cottages, country pubs and cream teas. But I had never really been on first name terms with one until I ended up house sitting with an AGA. Okay I have boiled an AGA kettle on my sister-in-law’s very posh pale blue […]

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House sitting holidays as a slow travel experience

Part Time House Sitting Holidays

Table of Contents (click here to expand / collapse) House sitting holidays as a travel optionEscape the crowds and travel slowMake your money go furtherNot owning pets doesn’t make you any less caringHouse sitting holidays are safe for solo travelersStories from part-time house sittersSteve Ullman (USA)Carolyn Hansen (New Zealand)Jane & Dan (Australia) House sitting holidays […]

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