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Reality of the House Sitting Travel Lifestyle

house sitting travel

What’s it really like to be a traveling house sitter?Having traveled as full-time house sitters for almost 6 years, and part-time for even longer, we can genuinely claim to have experienced a wide variety of house sits, in different destinations around the world. To date we have completed over 100 house sits!Our passion is house […]

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How Building Trust Makes for Reliable Pet Sitting

reliable pet sitting

What do we mean by the word “trust”? And why does it matter so much online and especially in house sitting? As a the owner of the house sitting platform,, I feel bound to facilitate the growth of trust bonds between matched pairs online. Once those initial links are formed, it’s up to both […]

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Favorite cities for house sitting at Christmas

home sitting christmas cities

House sitting over Christmas is special Christmas and New Year are the busiest times of the year for house sitting as people all over the world travel to visit family, take vacations, go skiing, or simply take advantage of the long public holidays to travel abroad. In Australia (one of the most popular home sitting countries), […]

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Caribbean House Sitting – St. Thomas

House Sitting on St Thomas USVI

Life on the Rock – IntroductionOver the last year, I’ve house sat in Florida, New Mexico, Argentina, Mexico, New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand and South Korea. But when I nailed my first ever gig on St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, I didn’t even know what house sitting was.A friend had agreed to water plants and check […]

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Travel Families Who House Sit Round the World

travel with kids house sitting

Did you know that full-time travel as a family is absolutely possible? There are so many resources and options available to encourage and support families who travel, that consequently it’s becoming easier and easier to experience medium to long term travel all year round. And, as more and more families discover it’s possible to travel and […]

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House Sitting – Expect the Unexpected

House Sitting Guidelines - Be Prepared for your house sit

House Sitting Preparation To Ensure Your Next House Sit Is Plain Sailing Every house sitter hopes each assignment runs smoothly and is only eventful in a positive way. Most of the time they are, but every now and then something goes wrong. Whether it is something that happens to the pets, the house, or even […]

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House sitting off the grid – all you need to know

House Sitting Off the Grid

Top tips for house sitting off gridGlobal warming and the state of our environment are current “hot” topics (pun intended), so it’s not surprising that more of us are becoming conscious of our impact on our habitat. This is one of the reasons that some people decide to go “off-grid”. By producing energy from natural […]

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House Sitting Fire Evacuation Plan

house sitting fire evacuation plan

An increasing number of people are choosing to live in or near forests, rural areas, or remote mountain sites. Being this close to nature and away from the city can offer the perfect setting for your next house sit, but you may also face the danger of wildfire. We lived in Colorado where we were evacuated […]

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