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The challenges of downsizing to travel

downsizing to travel

The point of no returnIt had been one hell of a dark, wet and dreary day back in the winter of 2012. We’d both had to contend with long traffic queues on several of northwest England’s motorways during our daily commute to and from work. And we were truly glad to get home. Once the door […]

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Buying your first campervan or motorhome

buying your first campervan

Are you thinking about van-life as an option for travel?Choosing the right campervan or motorhome to suit your needs can be daunting, and at times overwhelming. Knowing where to look, what to consider and how to choose the right unit for your needs can be tricky. But it doesn’t have to be. Digital nomad, Kelly, one […]

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Volunteering in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Volunteering in Chiang Mai

Have you wondered about options for volunteering in Chiang Mai, Thailand? Whether you are house sitting in Chiang Mai or planning to travel there soon, you’ll discover many ways to fill your time on, or between your house sits. International house sitter and business strategist, Andrea Jordan gives her guide to volunteering, visiting temples, markets […]

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Can we really escape the rat race?

Escape the Rat Race

Breaking away from the rat race takes courage. It takes the same courage that it took to break into it in the first place. Think back to your childhood when life was one big adventure. In our early years, most of us wanted to learn, to work, and to play in pretty equal amounts, but […]

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Be Prepared For Winter Driving

Winter Driving Between House Sits

When winter holiday travel is at stake, airports and air travel often receive most of the attention. However, the truth is that most people who travel during winter, simply pack up their luggage in cars and drive to their desired destination. Before embarking on a journey, drivers should perform some routine maintenance and look at […]

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A Dream and a Purpose

house sitting a life purpose

A couple of puppeteers and jugglers from Madrid dreaming “out of the box” to create a house sitting lifestyle. In 2011 we created the puppet and circus company Naranjarte, and performed around Spain and all over Europe for six years. However, with an increasing crisis in our country, we realized that we needed a “Plan […]

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The “Grey” Gap Year Finally Comes Of Age

Grey Gap Year for Over 50s

House Sitting Offers Enhanced Travel For The Over 50’s Back in 2009 a novel was published called “Gap Year for Adults”. It’s the story of a woman in her 50s who takes time out of her life to move to Provence, in France, for adventure. She left her husband and grown up children to travel. […]

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