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The “Grey” Gap Year Finally Comes Of Age

Grey Gap Year for Over 50s

House Sitting Offers Enhanced Travel For The Over 50’s Back in 2009 a novel was published called “Gap Year for Adults”. It’s the story of a woman in her 50s who takes time out of her life to move to Provence, in France, for adventure. She left her husband and grown up children to travel. […]

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How to Quickly Get Rid of Jet Lag

How to get rid of jet lag

Changing time zones can wreak havoc on your sleep cycle. The body runs on regular circadian rhythms to help you start to feel tired and wake up at the right time.  An hour or two difference in time zones can make a bigger difference than you think. Full time international house sitters suffer from jet lag […]

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Declutter Your Life – The Art of Downsizing

Declutter Your Life

Downsizing makes financial sense”You must be rich… you both retired in your 40’s and you’re constantly traveling all over the world. How the hell can you afford such a lifestyle?!” My wife and I have been asked this many times in the past few years and here’s the answer: “We downsized.” The old adage is true – you […]

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How To Keep Fit While Traveling

Keeping Fit on the road

Keeping fit on the road requires foresight and flexibility, but with a few simple ideas and tools up your sleeve, it can certainly be done. There are endless options for exercises that require little or no equipment. There are also so many ways that you can get creative and keep an active lifestyle at the […]

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Connecting With Like-Minded People While Traveling

making friends on the road

Until recently, traveling didn’t contribute to my zest for friendships. I’ve always been very social, but our trips were filled with non-stop activities – meeting new people and making friends wasn’t something I considered. That doesn’t mean I was unfriendly. It’s just that my interactions tended to be short and sweet with no further communication. […]

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Staycations & House Sitting Go Hand-in-Hand

staycations house sitting

Many people overlook what’s right in their backyard. They forget to check out all the great things their home town, and surrounding areas, have to offer.Trying to save money?Want to avoid the stress of travelling?Can’t travel because of health concerns?Your boss won’t give you a couple weeks off work?What you need is a staycation!Discover your […]

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