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Volunteering in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Volunteering in Chiang Mai

Have you wondered about options for volunteering in Chiang Mai, Thailand? Whether you are house sitting in Chiang Mai or planning to travel there soon, you’ll discover many ways to fill your time on, or between your house sits. International house sitter and business strategist, Andrea Jordan gives her guide to volunteering, visiting temples, markets […]

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Be Prepared For Winter Driving

Winter Driving Between House Sits

When winter holiday travel is at stake, airports and air travel often receive most of the attention. However, the truth is that most people who travel during winter, simply pack up their luggage in cars and drive to their desired destination. Before embarking on a journey, drivers should perform some routine maintenance and look at […]

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The “Grey” Gap Year Finally Comes Of Age

Grey Gap Year for Over 50s

House Sitting Offers Enhanced Travel For The Over 50’s Back in 2009 a novel was published called “Gap Year for Adults”. It’s the story of a woman in her 50s who takes time out of her life to move to Provence, in France, for adventure. She left her husband and grown up children to travel. […]

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Rome2rio – Flexible Travel Planning

Rome2rio route planning app

When you’re in an unfamiliar country, and quite possibly using a different language, how can you easily plan your route between house sits or travel adventures? For the past few years we’ve been experimenting with a journey planner app that is growing in popularity. Introducing Rome2rio From the home screen of the Rome2rio route planning […]

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How to Quickly Get Rid of Jet Lag

How to get rid of jet lag

Changing time zones can wreak havoc on your sleep cycle. The body runs on regular circadian rhythms to help you start to feel tired and wake up at the right time.  An hour or two difference in time zones can make a bigger difference than you think. Full time international house sitters suffer from jet […]

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5 Tips to Help You Sleep When Flying with a Budget Airline

Flying with budget airlines

Traveling is an excellent pastime, especially for older adults, and international house sitters may find themselves in the air often as they travel from one house sit to the next. Now, with the cost of flying ever increasing, more and more passengers are choosing to fly with budget airlines. While flying with budget airlines may […]

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Connecting With Like-Minded People While Traveling

making friends on the road

Until recently, traveling didn’t contribute to my zest for friendships. I’ve always been very social, but our trips were filled with non-stop activities – meeting new people and making friends wasn’t something I considered. That doesn’t mean I was unfriendly. It’s just that my interactions tended to be short and sweet with no further communication. […]

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Repositioning Cruises – Low Cost Cruising Between Sits

repositioning cruises

On the whole, international house sitters love finding new ways to travel and explore the world between their house sits. That often involves researching ways to travel between our house sits in a cost effective way – this can make or break a decision to take a house sit, especially if the dates fall in […]

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Travel Coloring Books For Adults!

Travel coloring books for adults

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been seeing more and more adult coloring books in airport shops as we travel the world between house sits. It’s a craze that seems to have taken the world by storm! But as of yet, I haven’t seen any travel coloring books! According to Jorge Ribas of The […]

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