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Pet sitting anxious dogs

Pet sitting anxious dogs

If you are due to house or pet sit for a friend or relative, or for a pet owner through a house sitting platform such as TrustedHousesitters, you may discover that a dog you’ll be caring for suffers from anxiety. If this is the case, you may be feeling nervous about this yourself. Perhaps you don’t […]

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Dog park rules and etiquette

dog park rules and etiquette

For dogs that get along well with others of their kind and enjoy the interaction, a dog park can be a fun place to burn off some energy and socialize. However, dog parks also have the potential to be a “free for all” situation, especially if you are unaware of the standard etiquette and unwritten […]

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5 things to consider when looking after senior dogs

pet sitting senior dogs

How to take care of an older dogYour pal has been there for you over the years, so when they get older, you’ll want to return the love. And, if you are a house and pet sitter, you may find yourself looking after an older pup, as people are less inclined to board their older […]

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How to keep pets entertained during lockdown

how to keep pets entertained

With the spread of the current virus, many pet parents around the globe have found themselves overwhelmed by the lockdown restrictions. Although the rules of isolation vary from government to government, and country to country, many pet owners have been allowed only one walk with their pets during the day, which calls for some improvised home-based […]

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A guide to feeding dogs with sensitive stomachs

Feeding pets with sensitive stomachs

​​There aren’t many things worse than seeing animals in distress, knowing that they can’t tell you what’s wrong. It’s especially stressful when it’s a dog that you’ve been tasked to take care of while their owner is away. In that scenario, it can be difficult to figure out what the issue is because you’re not […]

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How to stop your dog pulling on the lead

stop a dog pulling on the lead

Have you ever been on walks where you can’t stop a dog pulling on the lead? It can be tiring and extremely frustrating, especially with larger dogs.Why do some dogs pull on the lead, while others walk nicely at heel?A lot has to do with how much time the owners have spent training their dog […]

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Looking after Boxer Dogs

While house sitting in Granada, Nicaragua, we looked after Tabitha (Tabby), a young exuberant Boxer dog. When we applied for this house sit, the home owners had some concerns that anyone would be able to deal with her young and developing “alpha” character. For this reason we were asked to arrive earlier than normal to make […]

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10 Tips for taking Great Pet Photos

pet photography for house sitters

Pet Photography for House Sitters – Introduction If you are a house sitter, you’ll know that social media is flooded with cute images of dogs, cats and other pets. As house sitters we might even have our own social pages where we share pictures of our pets with our home owners – something that’s appreciated […]

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How to be a Good Chicken Sitter

Chicken Sitter

What You Need To Know When House Sitting With Chickens Have you noticed how many people are keeping chickens these days? A house sit almost anywhere in the world could have 3 or 4 laying chickens that fall under your care. Since we’ve been back in the UK this year we’ve looked after more than […]

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House Sitting With Horses

horse sitting

Do you have what it takes to care for horses on a house sit? I haven’t done a lot of house sitting with horses – just one horse for six days in Suffolk, UK – but I am an ex-horse owner. My own experience of owning horses means I can see the potential issues that […]

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