Cuba 2017

Travel Cuba – What we discovered

by Ian Usher

Last updated on November 2nd, 2019

As long term international house sitters, one of our passions is travel and a destination we have both wanted to visit for a long time is Cuba.

With house sits arranged in Mexico during December last year, and March this year, it seemed like February might be the ideal time to visit.

We are always very aware of differentiating between house sitting (when each assignment has a range of responsibilities), and our own personal travel time, free from obligations to others.

We booked return tickets from Cancun for just over US $200 each, and planned four weeks exploring all Cuba has to offer.

Here’s what we discovered:


We had some amazing experiences. Cuba really is a fascinating place, with a truly unique history. We had some challenges too, as is always the case when travelling independently. Unfortunately we also had some big disappointments.

Much is changing right now in Cuba, and we want to share what we saw and what we learned.

We don’t just want to write another set of simple “how-to-travel-tips” blogs. Instead, in the following series of articles we will tell all – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Our current articles on Cuba Travel:

Why Che Guevara would be ashamed of Cuba 2017

Che Guevara - siempre

Our love affair with Cuban ice cream

Cuban ice cream

How to step off the Cuban Viazul bus tourist trail

Step off the bus and experience some real Cuban travel

Cracking the Cuban currency code

3 CUP note - Cuban national pesos
Taking the Hershey Train from Havana to Matanzas

The Hershey Train control panel

While traveling in Cuba, we met up with Jane and Duncan from baby boomer website in Cienfuegos and we suspect there will be plenty of blogs coming from them soon too, so check out their travel website.

Jane and Duncan from in #Cuba2017We look forward to hearing their thoughts on this unique destination.

Have you been to Cuba recently?

We’d love to hear your thoughts too in the “comments” section below.





Peter Keithly -

We traveled from Seattle to Cuba with a group of friends last winter and did a self-planned and self-guided bicycle tour of the western region including Vinales. We came in from Cancun and spent the first few days in Havana. This winter we are flying in from Fort Lauderdale to Santa Clara and doing a bicycle route in the central region to include Remedios, Sancti Spiritus, Trinidad and Cienfuegos. Our “visa” is based on “Support for the Cuban People” as we plan to stay exclusively at Casa Particulars again. We will also be handing out informational sheets that explain “How to Make Your Casa Particular More Bicycle Touring Friendly”. Will post back to this site once we complete our trip and let you know how it goes.

Ian Usher -

Hi Peter,
Sounds like quite an adventure. Cycling in Cuba would be a lot of fun.
Looking forward to hearing about your adventures.
Ian and Vanessa


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