House Sitting Destination - AUSTRALIA

It's most people's dream to one day visit or even tour around Australia. It also happens to be the dream of many Aussies to leave their country for extended trips to Europe and beyond. This creates the perfect scenario for house sitters who can spend longer trips down under, mixing it up with some between sit travel, and enjoying those special times with pets.

Here we feature a mix of articles to advise you, to inspire you, to provide ideas for travel and house sit destinations, and where you can read the stories of others who have ventured before you.

We love our visits to Australia, and as one half of our partnership is also part Aussie, it will be on our destination list for many years to come. We hope you enjoy house sitting there just as much as we do!

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Take a read of our comprehensive guide on how to begin house sitting in Australia. Discover everything you'll need to know about the house sitting scene down under!

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Where to find Australian house sits

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You'll find all our latest articles about house sitting and travelling to Australia below:

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Until you spend time driving from A to B, it's hard to understand just how big the "Land Down Under" really is,

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Sometime in early March 2016, my husband Andrew and I decided it was time for a complete life change. We each had our

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