House Sitting Destination - THE CARIBBEAN

Taking a vacation in the Carribbean is a dream for many, but imagine spending a month on St Vincent, or three months on Barbados. Time to really soak up the vibe of island living, learning about the history, the food, the culture. You will find house sits all over the Carribbean islands as it's a popular haven for US and UK expats.

But it takes a special type of sitter to deal with island living, especially during hurricane season, so give it some thought before jumping at the first opportunity. Living longer term in tropical climates is very different to the experience of a hotel, with on-tap air conditioning, elimination of mosquitoes and little to do but move from sunbed to sea or swimming pool. 

Here we feature a mix of articles to advise and inspire you. We've spent a couple of seasons in the Caribbean and even mixed it up with a sailing charter through the Grenadine islands. It's a special place but competition, as you can imagine, is fierce. Sits are often spread word of mouth, so you'll find more options open up to you once you have a foot in the door.  

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Where to find Caribbean house sits

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