Essential Oils for Travel & House Sitting

Essential Oils for Travel & House Sitting

Last updated on May 7th, 2020

One of the difficulties of travel can be finding good first aid and medical care while in unfamiliar territory. Especially for those who prefer to use natural alternatives. But planning ahead and packing the right essential oils for travel & house sitting can help prepare you for a host of potential issues.

So, when I leave home for any kind of travel, I pack a few of my favorite oils in case of emotional upset, physical ailment or just to support me during those long travel days.

Essential oils are a natural and gentle way of shifting energy and physical conditions quickly. They have been around for thousands of years and continue to grow in popularity because of their ease of use and effectiveness.

They are quite powerful though so it is important to read labels and follow the directions listed.

For example, some are photosensitive and should not be applied before going in the sun. Others need to be diluted before application. I’ve included some basic instructions along with each oil listed below.

essential oils for house sitting and travel


This is my number one oil. Think relaxation and skin issues with lavender. Add 2-5 drops to a bath for relaxation or apply directly to the skin for a sun burn. You can also apply a drop or two to the soles of your feet at bedtime for more restful sleep.

To support your body during a fever, combine 2 drops of lavender oil with 2 drops of peppermint oil and 2 ounces of coconut oil which can solidify in cooler temperatures. Or use fractionated coconut oil which stays liquid even in cooler temperatures (the long chain fatty acids have been removed creating a smooth, liquid oil that will not harden).

Just rub on your back, neck and the soles of your feet. Rub this on your abdomen for cramping due to travelers diarrhea or menstrual issues.

If that’s not enough, it also repels mosquitoes.
sick dog while house sitting


As a house sitter or traveler you can be more susceptible to changes in your diet, especially if you like to experiment with street food. To support your body when the flu or travelers’ diarrhea strikes, add 2 drops to a glass of water and drink it to help soothe and detoxify your digestive tract, enhancing immunity.

Lemon oil is anti-bacterial and can be used to sanitize items and even a drop applied to each underarm will freshen you up.

It’s also great for removing those annoying stickers from dishes, shoes or anything else. Just rub a single drop over the sticker, let sit for a minute and then scrape it off. Works like magic!

Avoid the sun for 12 hours if applying lemon oil topically.


This is the first oil I choose for motion sickness or any type of queasiness or nausea. Just a sniff of the oil is all that is needed.

And, yes, this tastes just like ginger root, but it is very strong so a little goes a long way in cooking. I have used ginger oil to make a great chicken stir-fry. You only need to add a drop or two to the dish.


Are headaches your issue?

This one works wonders. Just rub a drop or two on the back of your neck.

Peppermint oil is also invigorating and can give you a boost when you are on the road and sleep is not an option. Just sniff it in the bottle or rub a drop into your hands and cup under your nose, carefully avoiding your eyes.

Sniffing the oil can also help with nausea. I like to use beadlets (1 drop contained in an edible shell) for fresher breath.

A drop in a shot glass with water or the beadlets can also be used for constipation.


Think of this one for sleep issues including when you are trying to get to sleep in a new time zone. Just rub a few drops on the soles of your feet or add a few drops to a diffuser in your bedroom.

Roman Chamomile

Just like the tea, this one is very relaxing. It’s great for cranky kids and adults alike. Nothing ruins a great adventure more quickly than a bad mood!


This one is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal making it great for the occasional skin fungus. It can also be applied to cold sores and warts. Just add a drop topically to the affected area.

Melaleuca can also be taken orally by adults for cold and flu support.

It’s also a great disinfectant to keep on hand.


Another great oil for immune support is oregano. When using oregano topically, add it to fractionated coconut oil or olive oil (one drop oil to 3 drops carrier oil).

It can help with any skin infection. It can be diffused to support your immune system.

And, yes, you can add about ½ drop to a plate of olive oil and use it for dipping crusty bread. What’s the point of going on adventures if you can’t eat fabulous food!


Luckily, essential oils come in 5 and 10 ml bottles, well below the airline limit for liquids. Because they are so light weight, they take up very little room and are so versatile you can easily see why I consider them a “must have” when traveling.

For long trips, I take the whole bottle with me. For shorter trips, I take 5/8 dram bottles in the handy padded case pictured above.

Remember to use oils that are of very high quality when taking them orally and even when applying topically. Anything that you put on your skin is absorbed very quickly into your bloodstream.

Make sure the essential oils are free of all additives. Pure essential oils that are properly extracted do not need help!

BIO – When Toni Fairman left the corporate world to stay home and raise her boys, her biggest challenge was figuring out how to feed them a nourishing diet that would properly fuel their growing bodies. Toni passionately took on the challenge becoming a Nutritional Therapist. She also became a GAPS Certified Practitioner to help those suffering from gut related health issues. She uses food, supplements, detoxification therapies and essential oils to promote health. For more information, please visit

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Essential Oils for Travel and International House Sitting

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