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The house sitting lifestyle often offers more free time, and therefore greater opportunities to consider options for living a healthier life. You'll find all our health and fitness posts below:

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

How Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Are Good For Your Health

Taking care of dogs comes with many responsibilities, including feeding, grooming and medical care. But one responsibility that doesn’t cost any money, just a little time and effort each day, is that of exercising the family pet. It might come as a surprise then that recent studies show how regular exercise for dogs is greatly

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How To Find Your Perfect Fitness Solution When Traveling

Do you find it tough to maintain your fitness when you’re on the road? Are you concerned that your health and fitness levels may suffer, especially if you’ve been used to the convenience of a gym or organized classes? One of the hardest things about fitness is finding a regime that works for you, especially

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Keeping Fit on the road

How To Keep Fit While Traveling

Keeping fit on the road requires foresight and flexibility, but with a few simple ideas and tools up your sleeve, it can certainly be done. There are endless options for exercises that require little or no equipment. There are also so many ways that you can get creative and keep an active lifestyle at the

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