Keep your pets happy at home

The benefits of using house sitters

Pets are cared for at home by animal lovers
Pet routines remain the same
Your home is looked after and kept secure
Total peace of mind while travelling

As home and pet owners we learned a lot about how to find the best house sitters. Our step-by-step guide draws on our experience to ensure you find the perfect sitters for your home and pets!

For pet people who love their pets

Can't bear guilty goodbyes when you drop your pet at the kennels? Then at-home house sitters are most definitely the option for you. Your pets stay happy at home in familiar surroundings and routines.

When pets can't be boarded

Not all pets can be boarded - if you have chickens, reptiles, horses, guinea pigs or a menagerie of pets that are more difficult, or expensive, to board the using house sitters is the better option? We've sat for people with so many pets and animals they thought they'd never travel again! How wrong they were! 

Home security

If you're worried about leaving your home empty while you're away then house sitters maintain a "lived in" feel, especially for longer time away. Some insurance policies even require you to have someone in residence. House sitters can keep on top of the gardening, snow clearing, indoor plants and post!

You feel like a burden on friends and family  

Many of us have called on someone to help out while we are away, but as travel and vacations have become easier and less expensive, and we get away more often, it can feel wrong to keep asking. 

Save on boarding costs

For families with multiple pets the cost of boarding at kennels can be prohibitive. Most international house sitters offer their pet sitting services for free in exchange for accommodation. You'll have more money for your travel budget, house sitters save on expensive hotel or B&B fees, and the pets stay happy at home. What a great exchange!