House sit and travel destinations

It's commonly asked... "where in the world can I travel as a house sitter?" The answer is simple. Anywhere that you can find a home owner who has pets, has the potential to become a house sit. The world really is your oyster!

There will be practical issues to think about... suitability, visas, vaccines, cost of living, travel expenses - but with these finer points sorted and a professional approach, you can have your pick destinations around the world.

So far we've house sat in Panama, Nicaragua, Mexico, USA, Barbados, St Vincent, Fiji, Australia, Botswana, England, Wales, France and Spain. We've enjoyed 7 wonderful years of travel and house sits in semi-retirement. Now during the pandemic we are sitting closer to home, but still enjoying every minute of our nomadic lifestyle. 

There are some countries where you will find more sits than other. The big 5 house sitting countries/regions include:  USA, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand. If you are just getting started you'll find more sits and less competition in these popular house sit destinations.

Allow yourself to dream, delve into the house sitter travel stories below, and when the time is right again for international travel, know that a world full of house sits awaits you!