Becoming a house sitter isn’t difficult, but there are some things you need to consider to make sure the house sitting lifestyle really is a good fit for you:

  • Where in the world do you want to house sit and can you get a travel visa?
  • Have you considered the costs associated with house sitting – travel, visas, day-to-day living etc.?
  • Are you comfortable living in another person’s space, with other people’s pets and routines?
  • Have you considered how the daily responsibilities will impact on your travel expectations?

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Take a read of these popular house sitting articles to get a much better idea about what is involved in looking after someone else’s home and pets:

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Getting Started as an International House Sitter

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When you’re ready to sign-up to a house sitting platform, read our popular comparison of all the best international and country-based websites:

Which house sitting website is best for me?

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Shortcut the research with our introductory house sitting course

“Become a Successful International House Sitter” is an online video course (lifetime access) where we cover all the techniques used to become successful, professional house sitters.

We’ll give you tips and strategies that we use to secure assignments time and time again. You’ll discover all the secrets to becoming a credible, well respected house sitter, even as a newcomer.

We’ve house sat around the world in some amazing locations in beautiful properties, and you can too. We can help you to get started in the best way possible.

Plus you’ll learn all the practical skills, like how to create a profile, apply for sits, ask all the right questions, handle the handover, secure great references, and much much more.

The course comes with downloadable resources, checklists and documents to help you be a professional house sitter, anywhere in the world!


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