How Do I Become a House Sitter?

Become a house sitter in simple, easy steps

Do you want to travel for longer, while at the same time paying a lot less for your travel accommodation? Then house and pet sitting may be the answer for you. For retirees, remote workers, solo and couple travelers, digital nomads, and even families who world school their kids… house sitting jobs are becoming a popular way to travel long term, and to travel slow!

But… this isn't a decision you should take lightly as most house sits involve taking care of a property and pets. For most people the pets are the most important part of this travel exchange. That means there's a lot to consider when deciding if house and pet sitting is the best solution for your travel or lifestyle needs. House sitting isn't for everyone, but for some of us, we'd live no other way!

Is House Sitting For You ?  First Things First


Do you love pets?
​Many of us will say we love pets of some kind, but could you put them first pets at all times? Fit into their routines over and above your own. That's what it takes to become a house and pet sitter. You might be allergic to cats... that's fine, many house sits are for dogs, or horses, ​even livestock, and very often chickens. You can be selective about the animals you care for, but not about the care you give them - as a house sitter they will be an integral part of your travel adventures!


Are you ​comfortable living in ​other people's space​? 
​​Not everyone is cut out for house sitting. You ​will be moving into someone else's space and following their routines - that's a big part of why it works so well for the pets. Part of your day will be taken up with some house sit duties - but this can vary from very little to as much as you're prepared to take on or experience. That choice is yours to make.


Can you afford to house sit? Think travel, visas and incidental expenses​. 
You can house sit in your home country or overseas. If you can get a travel visa you'll find the world is your oyster - the UK, Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand - are all popular destinations. But, as word spreads and more expat communities build around the world, you'll find increasing choices for house sits other world-wide locations. So, dream about distant destinations, but do consider the associated costs - the flights, getting about and living day-to-day while there - these expenses are often higher than those bundled in a package holiday. 

Of course we all want to save money on travel accommodation - after all, apart from the flights, it's the biggest expense we incur. But contrary to what many will tell you, house sitting isn't a free ride to your destination dream.  

What it ​does provide, is the chance to live in an entirely new location with all the comforts of home. You can cook at home, relax at home, cuddle up with the pets, and enjoy exploring your environment with a slow travel mentality! ​

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We want you to know the good, but also the not so good aspects of this awesome travel lifestyle, to understand the best practices, and how to do your own due diligence. Everything that will make you the best house sitter you can be, and ensuring you know exactly what you're getting into.

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