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house sitting a life purpose

Last updated on May 4th, 2020

A couple of puppeteers and jugglers from Madrid dreaming “out of the box” to create a house sitting lifestyle.

In 2011 we created the puppet and circus company Naranjarte, and performed around Spain and all over Europe for six years. However, with an increasing crisis in our country, we realized that we needed a “Plan B” to support ourselves financially. So we graduated in “Primary Education & Geriatric Studies”, which we also loved.

Since we met in 2010 we dreamed about traveling with our own show around the world. But our stable jobs along with many other obligations and responsibilities, meant we almost accepted that our dream was an imagined ideal we might never achieve.

One day, during my English class at school, an eleven year-old girl asked me, “Ana, are you alright?”. “Yes,” I answered (a bit surprised), “why are you asking?”

“You look sad”. She replied.

That moment I realized my own stress and problems at work were trespassing into my daily teaching.

That very same day my husband and I had a long talk about how we imagined ourselves in the very near future. We no longer wanted to be part of a routine that demanded a centralized and permanent job.

We knew our “Plan B” was working financially, but what about our “Plan A”? How could we live and incorporate what we loved and wanted to do? Although dedicated to our jobs and passionate about them, we were nevertheless missing having the time to grow personally and professionally.

Dreaming of house sitting success

A Project of Education – A Life Purpose

We started to design a plan to create an online business for educators, teaching a second language using puppets and a circus. We took courses and did more training so that we could become digital nomads.

Finally, we set a date (as every big trip needs a starting point!) and committed to it.

Buying the ticket helps a lot to that commitment, right?

We had finally designed a plan to make our dream come true. Moreover, we found our real purpose in life.

In September 2017 we took a plane to Finland to start developing our project, “Puppetry and circus: a trip around the world’s schools”, carrying out international research in educational establishment around the world.

This is a video summary of our investigation in Finland, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand during our first year of world travel (September 2017-September 2018):

Our purpose is now to share an innovative way of teaching through puppets and circus, proving how the magic of both disciplines enables oral communication in a way that other methodologies do not.

Usually we spend 2 to 3 days in every school, doing our best to share our knowledge, skills and energy, opening up new ways of learning from other professionals too. We also perform our show in events, markets and festivals. This way we get some extra income while fulfilling our dream.

We are sure that this seed will grow while it is shared around the world. At the same time we feel totally fulfilled and rewarded with every experience, in every different culture, among encounters with other puppeteers and in schools around the world.

Naranjarte with schools around the world

Why House Sitting?

We knew very little about house sitting when we left Spain. I remember reading more thoroughly about this uncommon practice in our home country, on our way to Helsinki airport by bus to take a plane to Indonesia. It was then we had a “light bulb” moment realizing that house sitting could help us with our project by allowing us to travel more slowly while living all over the world.

We compared and checked different house sitting platforms and finally registered at an international one. It took us six weeks to get our first house sit job. We would realize later how important it is to create a good profile!

We took one more step to become professional house sitters. We learnt from others’ expertise and graduated through the House Sitting Academy.

Editor’s Note: For anyone interested in joining the House Sitting Academy, take a look at this great introductory video by Nat & Jodie. We highly recommend their course which includes a lifetime of weekly mentoring at group “huddles” and the valuable Inner Circle referral group – for us, this has paid for our membership time and time again!

When we started receiving requests from home owners interested in our profile our minds exploded!

We knew that through house sitting we could:

  • Visit other countries and areas around the location.
  • Enjoy the company of animals.
  • Be of service to others.
  • Be part of a system based on trust and the sharing economy.
  • Perform in markets and events around the area.
  • Develop our project in schools globally through local community involvement.
  • Write-up the results and outcomes of our research.
  • Do our online work to support our self funded project.
  • Get focused and organized for our next steps.
  • Enjoy the comfort of a home in between traveling.

A house sitting pet?

The “Icing on the Cake”

This came about when we got contacted by a Spanish Digital Nomad School (with a huge amount of clients), asking us to develop a course about house sitting for Spanish speakers.

This course is to be launched in March 2019 and we feel very excited and honored to share our experiences and our love for house sitting. This way we also hope house sitting will grow in countries where it is not so common (such as those where Spanish is spoken as the primary language).

Not only did house sitting open many doors for us and support our dream and purpose, but also it allowed us to enjoy animal love, and put us in contact with home owners who are now our friends today.

As a way of exchange (and apart from a meal), we usually offer our show to home owners and friends in the community!

We truly believe it’s our duty to make this world a better place by sharing our skills and growing the community.

Your profile, your purpose

It’s important that your profile talks about what you do, your purpose, who you are and why you love house sitting – we think this is the key for connecting with your ideal home owners.

For instance, we realized that 90% percent of our house sit jobs were related to home owners belonging to the arts or educational fields. Our network keeps growing and working for us organically and without much effort!

We are embracing this lifestyle and hopefully we can keep making animal and human connections around the world for many years.

Long life to house sitting!

Bio: Naranjarte, formed by Ana Lorite and Sergio Aguilar, is a Spanish company that mixes the arts of puppetry and classical circus, offering visual shows that have delighted audiences across the globe on their world tour.
Since September 2017 Naranjarte have been developing their innovative educational project: “Puppetry and circus: a trip around the world’s schools”. To find out more follow them on Facebook or check out their profile here on their website.

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