House Sitting FAQ

This FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page answers some of the most common questions we get asked when people are new to house sitting. There are also some useful links, and we'll update the page whenever new questions come up that can be answered here.  

If you want to dive straight into understanding and learning more about international house sitting, we have 6 "Getting Started" articles to help you here. And, if you want to see our very latest articles on house sitting topics, take a look back on the home page.​

Common abbreviations

Here are some of the most common abbreviations and terminologies you may see on this website, in comments, or on the House Sitting Magazine Facebook Group:

HS = House Sitter
HO = Home Owner - You can usually assume this also means "home and pet owner¨
HSM / HSMag = House Sitting Magazine
THS = TrustedHousesitters (house sitting website / platform)
MMH = Mind My Home (house sitting website / platform)
Platform = a website where home owners offer assignments and house sitters can apply
Assignment = a house sitting "job" or a listing on a "platform"

Q&A for House Sitters

Can anyone house sit?

What's the best way to get started?

Can I get paid?

Why don't most international house sitters charge a fee?

Are the websites (or platforms) the same for paid and unpaid?

What about tips or gifts?

Will my food be provided?

Can I house sit with my own pets?

Can I house sit with my family?

Do all house sits have pets?

Short term or long term house sits - what's the norm?

How do I decide which house sitting platform to use?

How can I get a house sitting website discount through House Sitting Magazine?

How can I sign up to my free copy of House Sitting Magazine?

What if I have more questions?

Q&A for Home & Pet Owners

How can I trust strangers in my home?

Do house sitters stay overnight in my property?

Can I secure any rooms in my property?

Is there anything I need to leave for my sitters?

Do I pay my house sitters?

How long will house sitters sit for?

How do pets respond to having house sitters stay?

How much notice should I give?

What if my plans change and I have to cancel?