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Looking for a pet sitter or a house sitting job?  
Here you'll find out how to choose a house sitting platform that's right for you, and more about our exclusive house sitting sign-up discounts.

The best way to use house and pet sitting services is to join one of the well-established, reputable international house sitting websites or country specific platforms. 

Best House Sitting Websites Compared (Updated Sept 2021)
How to find the best house sitting site for your needs

Our top 3 recommendations for reputable international house sitting websites

These websites connect pet lovers with home owners who prefer a FREE exchange of services with no payment involved. Accommodation is offered in return for home and pet care. You'll find all the other well established house sit sites and DISCOUNTS in a simple table as you progress down this page.  Each website is FREE to browse. Even if you have to give your email, you won't be charged until you decide to join your chosen platform.

TrustedHousesitters Logo

25% Discount
TrustedHousesitters - the world's largest house sit site with the most number of house sits advertised. Free exchange only.

HouseCarers Logo

10% Discount
HouseCarers - the longest running international house sit website, based in Australia. Free exchange encouraged.

Nomador Logo

FREE Trial
Nomador - respected and popular international site with strong focus in Europe. Free exchange encouraged.

Country Specific Websites from the House Sitters Group

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Use Code HSMAG15

Australia - Aussie House Sitters

$ 84 AUD

New Zealand - Kiwi House Sitters

$ 84 NZD

USA - House Sitters America

$ 49 USD

Canada - House Sitters Canada

$ 59 CDN

UK - House Sitters UK

£ 29 GBP

Price shown is for house sitters only - pet owners can advertise sits on all sites in the House Sitter Group for FREE






House Sit Match
Use code 50HSMAG for discount

£ 69-89 GBP


Mind My House
Free for owners

$ 20 USD

United Kingdom

Mind a Home UK
Free for owners

£ 15 GBP


Mind a Home Australia
Free for owners

$ 59 AUD


Happy House Sitters

$ 60-85 AUD


Housesitters Australia

$ 50 AUD


House Sit Mexico

$ 79 USD


Housesitting Tasmania

$ 60 AUD

In-depth house sitting website reviews

As every house sitting platform works differently, we've created some in-depth reviews to really detail all the options and features available.  So if you really like to see what's on offer before you pay any money, you'll get a lot of in-depth knowledge, and tips on how to make the most of these sites, to ensure you get the house sits you want.

Are house sitting websites good value?

We think so, yes! The way we look at it is that every year we save over $20,000 dollars on our accommodation. We also save on utilities, WiFi costs and car running expenses. That's a huge chunk of the budget dealt with!

And what's the best way to secure continual house sits around the world? Well, we've done this by investing in all the platforms that can help us. We started by joining 4 different sites and we recouped our investment within the first week of house sitting! Now we don't need to be members of so many sites as we get referrals and repeat sits to add into the mix too. Most of our sits come through TrustedHousesitters, but we also sign up to 1 or 2 regional sites when we can, to make sure we have access to the best opportunities available.

What if I'm NOT a full-time house sitter?

Then you have to weigh up and decide what represents the best value for you. If you are only house sitting once or twice a year for vacations, work out your overall savings once you've taken into account airfares, visas and other related costs. Assess for yourself whether the cost of a house sitting platform equals good value.

Value can be represented by more than just money too. We like that we are supported by professional businesses that we can talk to in the event of a problem. We like that members have usually been through some kind of ID verification and that on the smaller sites you can enjoy more personal attention. The larger sites often have other benefits - like the added security of the 24 hour Vet Line for pet advice and optional insurance options at TrustedHousesitters, or the StopOver feature at Nomador.

And we value the stress free living this lifestyle gives us, along with the mutual exchange that helps others experience longer or more frequent travel while knowing their pets are being loved in their own homes.

And remember, it's free to browse on any of these house sitting sites. You can check out which resonates most with you before you part with any money!