Letter to Santa

Last updated on January 2nd, 2020

Dear Santa,

My name is Ian and this year I think I have been a very good boy.

You may have some trouble finding me as I am a house sitter, and I live in different houses at different times.

I will be in Mexico this Christmas. I am a bit worried, because we don’t have a chimney.

But Vanessa says you will still be able to leave us some presents.

So here is my list.

Please note, it is in reverse order, so if you can’t get me everything it would be great if you could start at #1.


5. One (or more!) 128Gb microSD cards.

These are great for carrying movies and TV shows around, or for using in my phone, or in Vanessa’s camera.

The one I like best comes with a tiny adapter that fits both USB and micro USB ports.

4. A new Kindle ebook reader.

Mine still works, but it is quite old and looks very worn. It doesn’t have a light either, so it is hard to read at night sometimes. This new one looks great.

3. A Tortuga 45 litre backpack

My current backpack is pretty good, but many people have told me the Tortuga backpack is the best available for travelling with carry-on luggage only.

2. A lightweight computer

I really like the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, but it seems a bit expensive. I’d also need a keyboard too.



If you can’t afford this one Santa, I would be happy with the Acer Switch One instead.

1. DJI Mavic Pro drone

I used to have a DJI Phantom, which was great fun. This new one folds up very small, so it would fit in my Tortuga backpack, and I could take some great aerial pictures as I travel around.

If possible, could I also have some goggles like the guys in this video?


Thank you Santa,

Love from Ian

PS. Obviously I would like to ask for peace for the whole world too. Thanks.

Editor’s note: If you are looking for further inspiration for Christmas stocking fillers Dave and Deb at ThePlanetD have a great list of ideas:

The 45 best gifts for travelers this year

It looks like Ian and Dave (or is it Deb?) may have similar interests. They both have the DJI Mavic Pro at the top of their list.

Have a great Christmas, everyone.

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