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Last updated on November 9th, 2019

Open the door to new friendships with Nomador Stopovers

As a house sitter, have you ever found yourself with one or more nights between house sits, asking yourself where you could stay that’s culturally more stimulating than a budget roadside hotel?

As a home owner, are you on the fence, contemplating whether house sitting will work for you? Would you benefit from a face-to-face meeting with a sitter who is passing through your area?

Do you enjoy meeting like-minded people, sharing a home cooked meal and an evening of inspirational discussions?

A Nomador Stopover could be just what you need!

By offering just one free night of accommodation on Nomador‘s Stopover feature, you could get the answers to all your questions – or simply enjoy an evening making new friends.


One of the over-riding reasons for using house sitting as a vacation, or longer term travel option, is to live like locals in a new location, while also having the opportunity to create long lasting local or international friendships.

More and more frequently house sitters are asked to stay longer than just one night before an assignment begins. This is not only to ensure an effective handover, but because they have been invited to stay as guests, so that the home owners can get to know more about their lifestyle.

Stopovers is now a standard feature on the Nomador website, offering exactly this kind of opportunity – an evening or two forging friendships within the house sitting community.

This can help house sitters fill the accommodation gaps between house sits, or provide the chance to check out suitability for future assignments. Many house sitters also have homes and would happily offer up a few nights to meet fellow sitters or home owners when they are not travelling.

Stopovers gives both home owners and house sitters the option to offer a room for one or more nights to another registered member.

At Nomador we noticed how your interest in staying with local people drives many of your travel decisions. For so many of you, like us, it is not just about a cheap stay – it is about making connections with people around the world. Beyond house-sitting, many of you have also been looking for short stopovers in people’s homes while traveling abroad or between assignments.

Today, we are so very pleased at how far the Nomador community has come, and how we’ve watched friendships grow among you – people who share the same love of travel, of meeting new people, and of caring for animals.

These friendships between families from different countries are so very rich in meaning.

One of the riches that those of us in the international house sitting community all share is our passion to travel, to explore, and to meet locals.

Nomador Stopovers can:

  • Spark our curiosity about other cultures and different ways of life
  • Fuel our desire to meet people who are different from us
  • Help us celebrate those cultural differences that make travel so exciting
  • Fulfil our wish to teach our children the meaning of the word ‘hospitality’
  • Instil a continued belief that most of humanity is fundamentally generous
  • Allow us to be part of all this and life’s rich adventure

Make new friends

As Travellers:  Stay with a Nomador home owner for a night of two as you travel, or maybe even to fill a gap between assignments.

As Hosts:  Even if you’re not travelling (and that’s also the case for many house sitters part of the year), you can still meet new people in the community! Offer up a spare bedroom for fellow travellers who happen to be in your part of the world.

Help grow the house sitting community

If you have a spare bedroom and are willing to open your door for one night or more to foreign home owners or house-sitters — even if just once per year — then publish a Stopover.

By doing this you will:

  • Make other members’ travel experiences special when they’re in your part of the world
  • Offer a genuine local experience in a proper house
  • Make new international friends
  • Save guests the cost of an anonymous hotel room
  • Cook your favorite local recipe to share
  • Enrich each others profiles (by getting feedback from other members of the community)

At the time of writing we have 75 people offering Stopovers. Destinations included Russia, France, Mexico, Thailand and many others.

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