Spotlight on Texas travel for house and pet sitters

Pet sitting travel in Texas

How to get the full Texas experience while house sitting in the Lone Star State 

Texas is the second largest state in the USA, which means it is bursting with cultural experiences, history, delicious cuisine, and attractions galore, not to mention all of the outdoor exploration and activities. If you're fortunate enough to have the opportunity to visit the state while house sitting, staying locally in a Texas neighbor-hood allows you access to the full gamut of Texas experiences while immersing yourself in the local culture.

The best part of being able to house sit while also exploring the great state of Texas is that you will have a comfortable place to rest at the end of a day full of adventure.

Maybe you will take in a classic Texas rodeo. Perhaps you'll prefer to learn about the history of the state through detailed tours of infamous attractions, or enjoy one of the local lakes, rivers, or springs.

You could explore the state and national parks, or you might want to simply shop for a new pair of cowboy boots. Texas has something for everyone.

Texan pecan pie and icecream

Texan Food - Enjoy the local cuisine

When most people think of food in Texas, the category “Tex Mex” comes to mind. Tex Mex was originally established in San Antonio and has made its way around the country as a favourite addition to many menus. Tex Mex is Texas’ unique version of a blend of traditional Mexican food mixed with new ingredients and spices.

Tex Mex is known for the flavour combos of garlic, cumin and chilli powder. While house sitting in Texas, it will be easy to find a local Tex Mex restaurant to try, as they are some of the most popular restaurants in the state. Fajitas, cheese enchiladas, refried beans, and chile con queso are some of the more popular Tex Mex options that locals love to suggest.

After enjoying an iconic and delicious Tex Mex meal, barbecue should be next on the list of local foods to try. With carry-out and delivery being available at most restaurants, you can simply place an order and still keep an eye on the pets you are looking after.

There’s nothing better than a delicious meal that you don’t have to cook while on vacation. 

And don’t forget dessert. Blue Bell ice cream is made in Texas too, so for dessert when you are trying new places make sure to enjoy a slice of homemade pecan pie with vanilla ice cream on the side.

Visit the Alamo on a virtual tour

Stuck at home? Take a virtual tour from the comfort of your pet sit

With technology rapidly progressing, new and unique options for cultural tours are becoming available more and more.

Maybe you are house sitting in an area of the state far from some of the iconic Texas attractions such as The Alamo in San Antonio or Big Bend National Park. No problem here as you can still experience what it feels like to tour them from the comfort of the couch thanks to new and improved virtual tour options.

San Antonio Riverside

If you are wanting to take part in what it feels like to "Remember the Alamo", but can’t make it to the actual spot, the virtual tour option is an excellent substitute.

It can truly make you feel like you are experiencing the Alamo in person. Not only can you explore the Alamo virtually on the tour, but you are also assigned a specific tour guide during your virtual zoom call who can answer any questions you may have about the history behind this infamous location.

Of course, if you can make it there for a visit in person during your sit, or after as a post pet sit travel excursion, even better.

Austin Barton Springs

Discover the green open spaces of Texas

With a state as large as Texas, there are an abundance of options available for outdoor adventures.

Most notably, Big Bend National Park and Palo Duro Canyon are some of the most visited outdoor locations in the state. People come from all over the world to experience the beauty that Big Bend has to offer.

Big Bend is the kind of trip you want to plan for a few days, so unless you're house sitting nearby, this should be on your bucket list for when you are done and can stay closer to the park. Palo Duro Canyon can be done in a day but depending on the time of year you go, there are some longer hikes you can do over a few days, so you may want to stay a little longer.

Cadillac Ranch is also a fun day trip outside of Amarillo, but is a shorter visit. Here you can purchase cans of spray paint to paint the cars buried in the sand - a fun experience for kids especially if you are on a family house sit.

Throughout the state of Texas lakes, and rivers, as well as coastline, are available to enjoy. No matter where you are staying in the state, there is likely to be river or lake access nearby. Barton Springs Pool in Austin is on the "must see" list for many visitors as it is a local hot spring that has a beautiful view of downtown Austin.

Austin is the state capital of Texas, an inland city bordered by the beautiful Hill Country region. It's known for an eclectic live music scene of country, blues and rock. It has many parks and lakes, all popular for hiking, biking, swimming and boating.

Even if there aren’t any large national parks near you, Texas is full of numerous caverns and rivers just waiting to be explored. There are plenty of smaller state parks, and many are worthy of a day visit or a slightly longer camping trip.

Texas Rodeo on a house sit

Rodeo - An iconic Texan experience

Texas is known for its big hats and cowboys. And what do cowboys like to do? Rodeo. Pretty much every city in the state has a local rodeo. So no matter where your temporary home is located, you will likely find a rodeo available nearby.

Texas rodeos have been around for over a century and are an entertaining and exciting cultural experience. Rodeos originally began because of the booming cattle industry in the state and have continued on for years as a popular form of entertainment.

A visit to Texas means a trip full of adventure and entertainment. While house or pet sitting, you can get the best of both worlds by enjoying virtual tours of famous attractions, as well as delicious carry-out food to eat from local restaurants. If you have the time, it is worth exploring as many outdoor parks as you can while you are staying in “The Lone Star State”.

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