Travel Coloring Books For Adults!

Travel coloring books for adults

Last updated on May 7th, 2020

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been seeing more and more adult coloring books in airport shops as we travel the world between house sits. It’s a craze that seems to have taken the world by storm! But as of yet, I haven’t seen any travel coloring books!

According to Jorge Ribas of The Washington Post, “The popularity of coloring books for adults has exploded in the last year, with an estimated 12 million books sold in 2015 for people looking for ways to relax after work or satisfy their artistic side. In Washington, D.C., one meet-up group has 190 members, and their weekly events often have waiting lists.”

It seems this is “big business” and The Independent reported earlier this year that, “A surge in the number of people buying adult coloring books has threatened pencil stocks world-wide as manufacturers struggle to cope with an increased demand for quality crayons.

The world’s biggest wooden pencil manufacturer, Faber-Castell, say they are experiencing “double-digit growth” in the sale of artists’ pencils and have been forced to run more shifts in their German factory to keep up.”

Adult coloring books are extremely popular

NEW – Travel coloring books for global wanderers!

I don’t have a problem with lack of pencils at the moment, as I recently downloaded a free online app called “Colorfy” ( which provides me with endless patterns and pictures on my iPad to “color in digitally”.

But, to be honest this isn’t quite as satisfying as the real thing!

So I was excited to discover this week that Katie and Geoff Matthews, the travel bloggers behind, have designed a small but growing collection travel coloring books called “Travel Between the Lines Adult Coloring Books”.

Geoff and Katie - creators of the travel coloring books

Their first travel coloring book, “Inspirational Coloring for Globetrotters and Daydreamers” contains 47 travel illustrations. The book is based on Geoff and Katie’s own travel photographs and includes line drawings from 29 countries around the world.

Each illustration is unique, with subjects as varied as the countries themselves: aerial, wide-angle images of cities; street scenes; up-close images of statues and vignettes; decorative details; and famous landmarks are all represented to varying degrees in the book.

Each drawing is paired with a short story or description, indicating the city and country featured, and connecting the photographs to a memory or feeling from Geoff and Katie’s travels.

We think these travel coloring books would make amazing Christmas presents or stocking fillers for family, friends, travelers and house sitters – or anyone who loves coloring between the lines! Click this link to find out more.




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