Why Trusted Housesitters is the Ultimate Solution for Digital Nomads: Free Accommodation, Comfort and Pets!

Why TrustedHousesitters is ideal for digital nomads

Digital nomads, individuals who leverage technology to work remotely while traveling the world, often face unique challenges in balancing work, travel, lifestyle and living expenses.

TrustedHousesitters offers a solution by connecting them with homeowners who need their homes and pets cared for while they are away. While some house sits are only a few days, many are several weeks, and even span months, making this an ideal choice for nomads looking for the comfort of home with the ability to work remotely.

This mutually beneficial arrangement allows digital nomads to find free accommodation in various locations around the world, providing a stable and comfortable environment for work and exploration.

As long as you love the company of pets!  We can't overstate how important this is. Part of this value exchange includes taking care and loving those left behind pets.

We explore why TrustedHousesitters is an ideal choice for digital nomads. We know it works because we've been working remotely as house and pet sitters for over a decade!

Digital Nomad pet sitting with dog

Cost Savings

Free Accommodation

One of the primary benefits of using TrustedHousesitters for digital nomads is the significant cost savings on accommodation. Unlike traditional lodging options such as hotels, hostels, or Airbnb, house sitting is free once you've paid the annual subscription fee (starts at a very affordable $129)

By taking care of a homeowner's property and pets, digital nomads can stay in comfortable homes without paying rent or hotel fees. This can result in substantial savings, particularly in expensive cities or popular tourist destinations. 

Utility Bills are Covered

In most house-sitting arrangements, utility bills are covered by the homeowners. This means that digital nomads do not have to worry about paying for electricity, water, heating, or internet access. These savings can add up quickly, making house sitting an even more attractive option.

Cooking and Eating at Home

A considerable cost these days when staying at hotels or even hostels, is the rising expense of eating out in restaurants. There's only so many fast-food, or food truck meals you can eat in a month, if you have any consideration for your health and weight control! 

The benefit of having a fully equipped (beyond the level of a regular Airbnb) kitchen cannot be overlooked. You'll often find you are encouraged to use condiments, herbs and oils, another saving when continually moving from place to place.

House SItting in Austin Texas

Variety of Locations

Global Reach

TrustedHousesitters offers house sitting opportunities in numerous countries around the world, providing digital nomads with a vast selection of 140+ destinations. Whether you want to experience the bustling urban life of New York City, the serene countryside of France, or the sunny beaches of Australia, there is likely a house-sitting opportunity available. This global reach allows digital nomads to explore new places and cultures while maintaining a stable living environment. Of course, there are some locations that are more competitive, but they have a cool feature where you can save searches to be notified of upcoming house sits as they are posted!

Flexible Duration

Housesitting "jobs" on TrustedHousesitters range from a few days to several months. This flexibility allows digital nomads to choose assignments that fit their travel plans and work commitments. Whether you need a short-term stay while transitioning between locations or a longer-term arrangement to settle in and focus on a project, you can find suitable options on the platform. 

Comfortable Living

Home-Like Environment

House sitting provides a more home-like environment compared to staying in hotels or hostels. Having access to a full kitchen, living room, a home office space, and often outdoor terraces or gardens, can make a significant difference in comfort and productivity. Digital nomads can cook their own meals, relax in a cozy setting, and enjoy a sense of normalcy that can be hard to find on the road. 


Many homes listed on TrustedHousesitters come equipped with amenities that make life easier for digital nomads. Reliable internet is a crucial feature, allowing nomads to stay connected and work efficiently. Other common amenities include laundry facilities, comfortable workspaces, and sometimes even luxuries like pools, hot tubs, or home gyms. These features can enhance the overall experience and help maintain a healthy work-life balance. You can filter for "remote working" which guarantees sit listings with work space and fast internet.

Companionship - Pets and People

Pet Sitting

For animal lovers, one of the most appealing aspects of TrustedHousesitters is the opportunity to take care of pets. Pets can provide companionship and a sense of routine, which can be especially comforting when living away from home. Walking a dog, playing with a cat, or simply having a pet around can alleviate loneliness and provide emotional support, enhancing the overall well-being of digital nomads.

Local Living

For longer stays there's always the opportunity to get involved with neighborhood activities, and we've often found neighbors to be welcoming and inclusive. On long term house sits we've often found ourselves invited to local events, a BBQ, or a meal with new found friends!


TrustedHousesitters has a vibrant community of sitters and pet parents. This community aspect allows digital nomads to connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and even make new friends. Online forums, social media groups, and local meetups can provide valuable social resources and support, reducing the isolation that can sometimes come with a nomadic lifestyle. Check out the TrustedHousesitters Community Forum for more information.

Trust and Security

Verification and Reviews

TrustedHousesitters takes trust and security very seriously. The platform has a thorough vetting process, including verification checks and reviews from both homeowners and sitters. This helps ensure that both parties are reliable and trustworthy. For US sits there's the added protection of CBC checks.

Digital nomads can read reviews from previous sitters to gauge the suitability of a pet sit and homeowners can choose sitters based on their profiles and feedback. There's a blind feedback review system which runs much like Airbnb.


TrustedHousesitters offers support in case of disputes or emergencies. This added layer of security can be reassuring for digital nomads, knowing that there is a system in place to handle any issues that may arise. The platform’s customer support team is available to assist with questions and concerns, providing peace of mind for both sitters and pet parents.

Campionship of pets as a digital nomad pet sitting

Work-Life Balance


Maintaining a routine can be challenging for digital nomads who are constantly on the move. House sitting provides a sense of stability and routine, with responsibilities such as feeding pets, watering plants, and general home upkeep. This routine can help digital nomads manage their time more effectively, ensuring they remain productive and balanced in their work and personal lives.

Local Living Experience

House sitting allows digital nomads to live in local neighborhoods rather than tourist areas. This can provide a more genuine, authentic experience, allowing them to immerse themselves in the local culture and community. Shopping at local markets, exploring lesser-known attractions, and interacting with neighbors can enrich their travel experience and provide a deeper understanding of the places they visit.


Eco-Friendly Travel

House sitting promotes sustainable travel practices. By staying in existing homes, digital nomads reduce the demand for new hotel constructions and the environmental impact associated with them. Additionally, many homeowners encourage eco-friendly habits, such as recycling, conserving water, and reducing energy consumption. Pet sitting also avoids the environmental cost of pet boarding facilities, which often require additional resources for operation. Embracing house sitting helps digital nomads minimize their carbon footprint while enjoying a comfortable living arrangement.

Cost-Effective Travel

No Accommodation Costs

With no need to pay for accommodation, digital nomads can allocate their budget to other travel experiences. This might include trying local cuisine, participating in cultural activities, or exploring new hobbies. The money saved on accommodation can significantly enhance the overall travel experience, allowing for a more enriching and enjoyable journey.

Extended Stays

Housesitting assignments can range from a few days to several months, enabling digital nomads to stay in one place for extended periods. This can reduce the stress and costs associated with frequent relocations, such as transportation and moving expenses. Longer stays also provide an opportunity to develop a deeper connection with the local area and its residents. Don't forget to check how long your VISA allows in each location!

Beach time with pets

Practical Pet Sitting Considerations

Membership Fees

TrustedHousesitters requires payment of an annual subscription fee to apply to pet parent listings. While this is an upfront cost, the potential savings on accommodation can quickly outweigh the fee. There are different membership levels available, offering various benefits and features. Digital nomads should consider their travel plans and choose the membership that best suits their needs.

Commitment and Responsibility

House sitting comes with responsibilities, including taking care of the home and pets. Digital nomads must be prepared to commit to these duties and manage their time effectively to balance work and house-sitting tasks. You'll often be asked to provide regular updates to reassure pet parents that their pets are being well cared for and loved while they are away.

It's important to communicate clearly with homeowners about expectations and ensure that both parties are comfortable with the arrangement. This often takes place as a video chat before acceptance to ensure both parties are aligned and feel good about each other. 

Legal and Visa Considerations

Digital nomads should be aware of visa requirements and local laws when house sitting in different countries. Some countries may have specific regulations regarding house sitting or working remotely. It's essential to research and comply with these regulations to avoid any legal issues. Additionally, having travel insurance can provide extra security and coverage in case of emergencies.

Mixing It Up: Combining House Sits with Airbnbs

Many digital nomads find that mixing house sits with occasional Airbnb stays provides a perfect balance. While house sitting offers free accommodation and a homely environment, Airbnbs can offer more flexibility and locations that may not always be available through house sitting. This combination allows you to:

  • Experience Variety: Enjoy a change of scenery and experience different types of living spaces.
  • Balance Commitments: Take breaks between house sits where you're free from responsibilities, perfect for short trips or when you need more flexibility.
  • Explore More: Use Airbnbs for short stays in cities where house sitting opportunities are scarce or for specific travel destinations on your bucket list.

Getting Started with TrustedHousesitters

You can browse the TrustedHousesitters platform for free here with just an email.

When you're ready to look for sits and make applications, select your annual plan and hey presto — you'll be living in comfort for your next remote work project! We've got a nifty 25% discount if you're already convinced! See the link below where the TrustedHousesitters discount will be automatically applied.

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Once you see just how easy it is to balance lifestyle, work, pet care, cuddles, and financial savings, you'll never look back. We haven't and nor have many others. Take a read of Becky Wong's experience as a traveling nomad who loves pet sitting!

Wrapping Up...

TrustedHousesitters offers a unique and valuable solution for digital nomads, providing free and comfortable accommodation, a home-like environment, and the opportunity to explore new locations. The cost savings, flexibility, and companionship of pets, combined with the trust and support offered by the platform, make it an ideal choice for those embracing the digital nomad lifestyle.

By understanding the benefits and considerations, digital nomads can leverage TrustedHousesitters to enhance their travel experiences, maintain a healthy work-life balance, and immerse themselves in the cultures and communities they visit.

So what's it to be? Cats or dogs?